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The State of Education and the Education of the State

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Gosh I don’t even know where to begin with this one.

We all know the governor is cutting back funds and as a result there are many schools closing down. There are already over sized classrooms and teachers who have way to many students to deal with. Now they are adding more students from the closing schools. These kids have to go somewhere for their education. Then to add salt to the wounds of it all a few mouths ago Arnie was on the news saying he is making it harder for people to home school their own children.

There was a time, not long ago, when only the rich could afford to send their kids to school. The rest of the population learned from their mothers and fathers just enough to get by. That is if their mothers and fathers knew how to read and write in the first place. Education was a luxury. And then one day someone really smart said they think we should educate all the people.

*See below for links on the history of public education.

What advantage would letting our educational system fall apart?

Very little now a days.

I believe (again this blog in only about my opinion and rants) that if we do not educate our masses we a dooming our country to blind stupidity and poverty.

Years ago, the most education an average person needed was enough to buy and sell their goods. They needed to know how to count money and make their mark on a piece of paper. The knowledge of how to sell crops, livestock or crafts came with the knowledge of how to produce them.  This was learned from their folks or the owners of the land they worked on.But none the less it was an education.

Now with technology taking so many of the jobs in this world we are forced to learn that technology. The ability to maintain, improve and develop it, is the majority of the jobs out there and those are slowly going away.

But this blog was not meant to be about the woos of technology vs man in the work place. It was meant to be about education itself.

If you keep your population educated it can keep them productive.

For an Example: Better designers make better products at a better price. Better products at better prices make for a more active economy. Better designers come from better education.

It is all a big circle. If you take away the education of the people you take away their ability to become better workers.  You loose a big part of the circle.

Besides the benefits of giving people an education to help the state of the world’s economy there is also the welfare of their own minds. Giving a person an education will give them the where with all to better their own everyday life. Their family, neighborhood, and city also benefit from a better educated population. Knowledge of sanitation, pollution, and population control are just the beginning of prosperity.

If you look up the word education on Thesaurus (dot) com, civilization is one of the words synonymous to it. I don’t think that is a mistake.

If we are going to revert back to a population of ignorant apes then we might want to start practicing climbing trees, that is if there is someone who is willing to teach us.



What would you do with an extra hour a day?

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Since the US government required all of us to view television digitally I have gone without. This is not my way of protesting the government’s enforcing this new law. Nor is it because I am too cheep to buy a converter box. Even though I did not buy one, one was given to us by a friend.

We have not hooked it up.


For about 10 years I did not own a TV.  I had a monitor and a VCR but I did not watch piped in TV.

Instead I lived my life. I was busy all the time seeing friends, going to school, riding my bike, reading books, and writing music. Never once did I feel the need to mentally ingest commercials or sitcoms.

I lived like this for years, very happily.

Then due to a bout of stomach flu I started watching TV.

The next year I was taking care of selling my sail boat and putting my house boat in the water. As soon as the dust started to settle I started watching TV again.

When Jim moved on board with me he brought a large TV, VCR, DVD player and a whole library of disks. We got into the habit of watching the news in the morning and late at night. Along with a few animated shows this was all the TV we watched regularly.

Going back to life without TV has been hard for both of us but it is doable.

But this all brings the question of what would happen if more people gave up thier TVs? What if all the poor people in the US did not have their TVs to distract them?

Do you think people would settle for their exsistance if they saw it without the mind buffer that television brings? If they had to go into the streets and meet their neighbors and see the life around them do you think they would put up with their environment, their government or their quality of life?

I think not. I also think (again this is just my opinion) the US would be a lot more productive a country if we all just turned off the TV for one extra hour a day.

Not just the impoverished but the wealthy and everyone in between.

Imagine how much charity work would all of a sudden get done.

What would you do with an extra hour a day?

Read, paint, sing, fix up your house, put in an extra hour at work, bake cookies with your kids, bike ride, join a community garden, play ball with your kids or friends, clean your storage locker or garage out a little (donate the stuff you don’t want anymore), call a friend who you have not talked to in a while, go for a hike or walk, think???

There are endless things you can do with your life if you just turn off your TV for one extra hour a day.

Gosh you could even write a blog.

Being a good person

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Jim (my boyfriend) and I were talking last night about taking from others and I told him he was bad for saying the things he was saying. He started giving me a hard time about being a Franciscan Monk or some kind of Catholic do gooder. Not that he would ever take from another person, he is not the type. But we got into a discussion about being good verses being religious. He really got on my case about qualifying my goodness with not being religious and how my statement gave validity to religion.

But that is not the case at all. True I am not a religious person. As a matter of fact I consider myself agnostic with a leaning to atheism. But…

Here is what I do believe. I conceive that if there were a “God” then how on this earth could one human or another proclaim to understand it. If the Christens, Catholics or any other religion are right, and “God” is this omnipotent overseer of the universe then who are we to say we understand it? If “His” or “Her”  mind is so great then how can some preacher, priest, or human dare say they know what God wants of us. OR for that matter how do they know what the guys who wrote the bible meant. People perception of the world was very different back then with being the center of the universe and all.

How egocentric can people get?

And in truth if we all just followed a few basic rules we would have a lot less war and a lot more happy people in this world.

#1. Be Nice.

#2. Be honest.

#3. Don’t do anything to others you would not want done to you. (the golden rule)

I think that about says it all. In other words if you don’t want someone to take your stuff don’t take theirs. If you don’t want them to kill you or your loved ones don’t kill them or theirs. Don’t bother lying, it is a waist of time and an insult to yourself and the others you are lying to. Share (part of being nice)

I think the only thing I would add to those three is;

#4. Don’t act out of fear.

If you do, you might regret the outcome. You could destroy something that later you understand was a wonderful thing.

Because I don’t believe in the all powerful god guy I don’t have anyone to blame or credit for my actions. If I do something bad I can’t say “The Devil Made Me Do It.” and if I do something nice I should not have to say “It Was Divine Inspiration”. I should take credit and blame where they are due.

If I blow off something I did, which was nice and say it was the angels who told me to do it then what incentive do I have to do something nice again. Some mystical palace in the sky or the guy who flys around the world once a year and leaves toys to the good kids? No doing something nice is just a way to make another person’s trip on this rock a better ride. What is wrong with that?

And doing something bad? Oh come on. Confession? Please! Do you really think going and sitting in some dark box and telling one of the over grandised, self proclaimed, ass holes, what you did wrong, is going to make things alright? Is it going to unhurt the person you wronged? Is it going to bring the victims back to life or un-traumatize the women who’s bodies were invaded? Or un-tell lies?

Take responsibility for what you do people and we will all be better off. And if you don’t believe there is a God looking down on you remeber who looks back at you in the mirror. Can you really face that person and know they are a good person?

Stop using God and the Devil as a Crutch and just be a good person.

The Eagle Has Landed(Well Launched)

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Today is the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11’s launch from Cape Kennedy. How humbling to see such a feat.

I feel bad for the people who want to believe it was all a hoax. These are people who have such doubts in man kind.

Sure we have produced a few generations of self serving spoiled shit heads who’s only contact with the rest of the world is through text’ing on their cell phones. Of course these numb brains would think that we as people, could never make it to the moon. Considering most of them can’t get out of their mothers house to get a job or interact with friends, of course going to the moon is an unreal concept to them. “Build a space ship?” “Gee what color should it be?”

But I think what we younger people forget is the generation who made the moon landing possible. They were the kids of the great war. They saw the bombing of Hiroshima and the fall of Hitler. These were people who believed they could do anything at that point. And going to the moon was what they set their sights on.

Something else we might want to consider is  Kennedy’s speech “We Choose to go to the Moon”.

Inspiring even by todays standard.

He gave that speeh on Sept 12, 1962, one month before the ending of the Cuban Missile Crisis. The US loved him and would so to speek, “follow him to the ends of the earth” and in a way, they did.

Now 40 years later we don’t have commercial flights to the moon. Nor do we have a colony up there for the rich to have summer homes where they watch big blue rise on the horizon every 28 days.

So there are people out there, “grown ups” who never saw the amazing race.

The last mission to the moon was Apollo 17. The launch and completion was in Dec of 1972 (the month my brother was born). My brother is in his 30’s now a grown man and he has never experienced the amazing spectacle.

No wonder there are people out there who don’t believe.

People if you can’t believe in something so amazing, that we humans have done, then what can you believe in?    Cell phones?

Earth rising

I’m Here Now !

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Like many of you, I have considered writing a blog many times but just not wanted to take the time to do it. Or in my case not sure where to post it and really not sure if anyone would read it.

But I am at the point where I just need a place to vent now and again.
I think this is the place to do it. Writing things out seams to help pin point and collect my thoughts. I have always carried a note book for jotting things down but not published any of the writings. I am interested in what others have to say about the things I think about.  Am I completely crazy or just have a warped point of view of the world? Sometimes I believe I am just overly honest and not afraid to call things what they are.

The thing which motivated me to start writing this week was music. This is something which inspires me more often then not. I was on you-tube looking up different pieces of music when I thought of my sister who posts her own video art.  I found a piece which I had helped gathering the footage for. It was back when I was in still in Jr. high school living with my folks in the northern part of LA county. (a life time ago)

My favorite part, of this video, is shot at the Palace of Fine Arts, in San Francisco. A place that later became one of my favorite places to go to in the city.  And now that I live in the bay area I try to go to the Palace every now and then just for my own pleasure or to do an occasional photo shot or video shot of my own.

But it is the music of this video that is the key. It lets itself into one of the many small gateways into the subconscious garden of my mind. A place of warm nights filled with the sweet musky smell of Jazmin. Where the ground is still heated from the day time sun and running around bare foot is a natural bliss unchallenged by shoes. The music is a part of my teen years and was a part of my soul before I ever saw the finished video my sister did to it. I truly love this song. Here is the link if anyone is into seeing what I am talking about.

Hearing this music again after many years takes me back to that simple time of my life where I fought being a depressed teenager before depression was an issue and an everyday word. Back then the few things that made me happy I clung to, they were the life rafts of my soul and this was one of them.  Enjoy…

Oh and if you are reading this welcome to my blog.