The Eagle Has Landed(Well Launched)

Today is the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11’s launch from Cape Kennedy. How humbling to see such a feat.

I feel bad for the people who want to believe it was all a hoax. These are people who have such doubts in man kind.

Sure we have produced a few generations of self serving spoiled shit heads who’s only contact with the rest of the world is through text’ing on their cell phones. Of course these numb brains would think that we as people, could never make it to the moon. Considering most of them can’t get out of their mothers house to get a job or interact with friends, of course going to the moon is an unreal concept to them. “Build a space ship?” “Gee what color should it be?”

But I think what we younger people forget is the generation who made the moon landing possible. They were the kids of the great war. They saw the bombing of Hiroshima and the fall of Hitler. These were people who believed they could do anything at that point. And going to the moon was what they set their sights on.

Something else we might want to consider is  Kennedy’s speech “We Choose to go to the Moon”.

Inspiring even by todays standard.

He gave that speeh on Sept 12, 1962, one month before the ending of the Cuban Missile Crisis. The US loved him and would so to speek, “follow him to the ends of the earth” and in a way, they did.

Now 40 years later we don’t have commercial flights to the moon. Nor do we have a colony up there for the rich to have summer homes where they watch big blue rise on the horizon every 28 days.

So there are people out there, “grown ups” who never saw the amazing race.

The last mission to the moon was Apollo 17. The launch and completion was in Dec of 1972 (the month my brother was born). My brother is in his 30’s now a grown man and he has never experienced the amazing spectacle.

No wonder there are people out there who don’t believe.

People if you can’t believe in something so amazing, that we humans have done, then what can you believe in?    Cell phones?

Earth rising


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