Being a good person

Jim (my boyfriend) and I were talking last night about taking from others and I told him he was bad for saying the things he was saying. He started giving me a hard time about being a Franciscan Monk or some kind of Catholic do gooder. Not that he would ever take from another person, he is not the type. But we got into a discussion about being good verses being religious. He really got on my case about qualifying my goodness with not being religious and how my statement gave validity to religion.

But that is not the case at all. True I am not a religious person. As a matter of fact I consider myself agnostic with a leaning to atheism. But…

Here is what I do believe. I conceive that if there were a “God” then how on this earth could one human or another proclaim to understand it. If the Christens, Catholics or any other religion are right, and “God” is this omnipotent overseer of the universe then who are we to say we understand it? If “His” or “Her”  mind is so great then how can some preacher, priest, or human dare say they know what God wants of us. OR for that matter how do they know what the guys who wrote the bible meant. People perception of the world was very different back then with being the center of the universe and all.

How egocentric can people get?

And in truth if we all just followed a few basic rules we would have a lot less war and a lot more happy people in this world.

#1. Be Nice.

#2. Be honest.

#3. Don’t do anything to others you would not want done to you. (the golden rule)

I think that about says it all. In other words if you don’t want someone to take your stuff don’t take theirs. If you don’t want them to kill you or your loved ones don’t kill them or theirs. Don’t bother lying, it is a waist of time and an insult to yourself and the others you are lying to. Share (part of being nice)

I think the only thing I would add to those three is;

#4. Don’t act out of fear.

If you do, you might regret the outcome. You could destroy something that later you understand was a wonderful thing.

Because I don’t believe in the all powerful god guy I don’t have anyone to blame or credit for my actions. If I do something bad I can’t say “The Devil Made Me Do It.” and if I do something nice I should not have to say “It Was Divine Inspiration”. I should take credit and blame where they are due.

If I blow off something I did, which was nice and say it was the angels who told me to do it then what incentive do I have to do something nice again. Some mystical palace in the sky or the guy who flys around the world once a year and leaves toys to the good kids? No doing something nice is just a way to make another person’s trip on this rock a better ride. What is wrong with that?

And doing something bad? Oh come on. Confession? Please! Do you really think going and sitting in some dark box and telling one of the over grandised, self proclaimed, ass holes, what you did wrong, is going to make things alright? Is it going to unhurt the person you wronged? Is it going to bring the victims back to life or un-traumatize the women who’s bodies were invaded? Or un-tell lies?

Take responsibility for what you do people and we will all be better off. And if you don’t believe there is a God looking down on you remeber who looks back at you in the mirror. Can you really face that person and know they are a good person?

Stop using God and the Devil as a Crutch and just be a good person.


One Response to “Being a good person”

  1. I believe all religions are just so people can become better people. And you are very right, ultimately it is about the person staring back at you from the mirror.

    I’m a Buddhist, and I’m not a religious person though I do have my beliefs. I’m just wondering… don’t us human only seek God and start to say prayers when we have nothing else to believe in?

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