The State of Education and the Education of the State

Gosh I don’t even know where to begin with this one.

We all know the governor is cutting back funds and as a result there are many schools closing down. There are already over sized classrooms and teachers who have way to many students to deal with. Now they are adding more students from the closing schools. These kids have to go somewhere for their education. Then to add salt to the wounds of it all a few mouths ago Arnie was on the news saying he is making it harder for people to home school their own children.

There was a time, not long ago, when only the rich could afford to send their kids to school. The rest of the population learned from their mothers and fathers just enough to get by. That is if their mothers and fathers knew how to read and write in the first place. Education was a luxury. And then one day someone really smart said they think we should educate all the people.

*See below for links on the history of public education.

What advantage would letting our educational system fall apart?

Very little now a days.

I believe (again this blog in only about my opinion and rants) that if we do not educate our masses we a dooming our country to blind stupidity and poverty.

Years ago, the most education an average person needed was enough to buy and sell their goods. They needed to know how to count money and make their mark on a piece of paper. The knowledge of how to sell crops, livestock or crafts came with the knowledge of how to produce them.  This was learned from their folks or the owners of the land they worked on.But none the less it was an education.

Now with technology taking so many of the jobs in this world we are forced to learn that technology. The ability to maintain, improve and develop it, is the majority of the jobs out there and those are slowly going away.

But this blog was not meant to be about the woos of technology vs man in the work place. It was meant to be about education itself.

If you keep your population educated it can keep them productive.

For an Example: Better designers make better products at a better price. Better products at better prices make for a more active economy. Better designers come from better education.

It is all a big circle. If you take away the education of the people you take away their ability to become better workers.  You loose a big part of the circle.

Besides the benefits of giving people an education to help the state of the world’s economy there is also the welfare of their own minds. Giving a person an education will give them the where with all to better their own everyday life. Their family, neighborhood, and city also benefit from a better educated population. Knowledge of sanitation, pollution, and population control are just the beginning of prosperity.

If you look up the word education on Thesaurus (dot) com, civilization is one of the words synonymous to it. I don’t think that is a mistake.

If we are going to revert back to a population of ignorant apes then we might want to start practicing climbing trees, that is if there is someone who is willing to teach us.



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