The Illusion of Technology

On my way to work today I was thinking I have not posted anything on my blog for a while now. Well we were moving and our internet was not hooked up at the apartment for a while but also I have just been so busy I have not been able to think. Today on BART I got to thinking about this and technology in general.

It is an illusion.

How so you ask.

For an Example: There is no one place called flickr, where there is a room with 100s of file cabinets and 100’s of 1000’s of photos in them. I can not share my photos with friends by telling them to go to this place open this cabinet and look at/take/copy  what you want. Sure there are server blades someplace and those are not illusions. But the information on them is. My photos are not a stack of papers sitting there on top of the blades for anyone to pick up. My photos are a series of 1’s and 0’s that if the technology decided to hic-up they could look like shots of monsters eating babies.

But internet photo sites are not the only illusion of technology we have in this day and age. Talking to friends via texting each other is another, and via IM on your computer… well you get the idea.

I got off of the train after thinking about all of this and went to a local store to pick up some tea and other miscellaneous things to stick in my gob. The cashier ran my bank  card to pay for the  items only to have it declined. What? Declined? But I have money in the account !

I proceeded to the in store ATM and withdrew cash from my savings account since for some reason the machine would not let me take from my checking account.

Once at work I called the bank to find out the whole (name here) System ATM service was messed up and people were having issues with it all over and that it was not just my account and bla bla bla…

Hmmm having money must be an illusion if getting to it is going to be like this. Relying on 1’s and 0’s is kind of a scary thing. It got me thinking about keeping cash at home in case of emergency.

It also got me thinking about what else in our lives are illusions.

Should I make a list?


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