The Batt Truck

This was written around Oct 2009 and I just never bothered to post it… Till now.

Jim and I moved to the city this last weekend. Nob Hill to be exact. Now getting to work means taking B.A.R.T. from the city to South San Francisco station where I leave my truck parked at night.

It always amazes me to see my truck parked in the same place I left it the day before. Not that I expect it to be stolen (the gods know a person would have to be very desperate to take this truck).

No, I have these silly visions of my truck going out and whooping it up when I am not there. (It has such a lot of personality of its own.) I know that is anthropomorphizing my truck but for those of you who know my truck you understand what I mean. I keep expecting to get to the parking lot in the morning and having to look for where it parked itself after its night of fun.


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