Another Disney Dream

I have never talked about this in my blog just because I don’t blog enough to have had it come up yet.

Let me at least start with a little background. I dream very vivid dreams and remember them vividly. I dream in color which is rare to average. (I have not heard the numbers on that one in a while.) And on some occasions I dream in cartoon. I am told being able to see myself in a mirror is incredibly rare even though I do that too.

I don’t often have the same dream more then once but I do often dream about the same places. The one place I dream about more then anywhere else is Disneyland.

It never looks like the real DL but most of the time it looks the same in my dreams. Which is close to the real thing with very odd off shots and rides.

But last night I had a whole new Disneyland in my dream. It was much darker (as in Gothic) and the Rivers Of America were more a port in a large bay then a circle of water housing a few boats.

At one point I was standing in line at a restaurant waiting to get seated to eat. It was all switch back style like every other line at DL but all done in very dark stained wood which was very warn from years of people touching and rubbing on it.

I was with my boyfriend Jim and my very dear friend Marcus (who I went to high school with) and it seamed like the sun was starting to go down but it just kind of stayed in that mid dusk point for most of the rest of the dream.

The part were we ate is a little vague now but that is okay. After we all decided to go to the Haunted Mansion. There was no big front yard just a smaller brick walk way leading up to it, no grand porch and no cool wrought iron. I walked into the front door and was separated from Jim and Marcus right away (some how they got in before me and were gone). When I walked in I noticed the cool big dark foyer was gone and it was very light in what looked like the living room to an average some what modern apartment.

There were people there but it was all people who worked there. They started to lead me through. I walked through the living room into a dinning room area (very small area)in it was a strange female doll that looked like it was a mutilated miniature woman. (as if a midget or dwarf. ) The people told me that she, the doll, was going to move at some point but not yet and that she was going to scoot a long the floor and chase people. In my dream I imagined what they were saying and saw it happen even thought it was not really happening. I shivered and said how it was going to be really creepy, they agreed. I walked more around this apartment but I don’t really remember much more about it. What is left in my mind in that part of the dream is mostly just flashes of horror movie type miniature props. When I got all done and was ready to leave they told me that this was the New Haunted Mansion and that was it. I told them I did not like how they changed it.

From there I went outside and found Jim and Marcus. I remember lighting a cigarette and Marcus insisted that I give it to him to smoke. I told him he can have one of his own but he wanted mine.

There was more to it but it involved me flying through the restaurant we had just left and it was now empty.

The strangest part of this whole dream was, nothing was how it is when I dream of Disneyland normally and the darkness of it all and how vivid the new parts of Disneyland were. The port, the Haunted mansion, the restaurant and so on….


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