Saying Goodbye

Okay first off let me say I think it is really silly that people are talking about the Rapture Tomorrow.

But it did get me thinking (okay I know a stiff wind can get my mind going sometimes).

I was thinking what I would say to people if I knew we only had today left. So here it is. You all suck. Oh wait that’s not it….

No, what I would really say is thank you. Thank you for making this rock an interesting place to hang out on. Thank you for all being so different and so much the same all at once. Thanks for being artistic and colorful and sometimes just beige and boring for contrast.

Thanks to my friends for making life bearable and fun.

To the men I have loved and who have loved me. Hard to say. But as I believe we will all wake up on Monday morning and when you do remember this. Kiss like it is the first time,  Love like it is the last time and Dance like you have no time left.

And to my family: You made it worth waking up on those mornings I just could not find the strength to get out of bed.  Knowing I had you all there made my life better and worth going on.

And most importantly I love you all.


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