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If your entire life was a series of lies would you know the truth when it was given to you?


9-11 2001

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I wrote this poem right after the September 11th attacks on the US. and rediscovered it today. I thought about posting it here to keep it someplace I will always know where it is since I am so bad about loosing pieces of paper.

Destruction it came, from the sky
A message strait from hell
Landing in the nation’s eye
In the air a silence fell
Anonymous, the victors stayed
and quietly they remained
The start of war games played,
as the victims are slowly named
Shock from the world
disbelief from us all
in our own backyard
the watchdog falls
In the wake of havoc
Sorrows fill the void
New York’s Skyline, tragic
but our hearts our not destroyed
The patriotic flag is raised
in the community of this land
a call to arms may be phrased
from the misplaced, frightened man