Ghost’s of Halloween Past

I remember Halloween as a little girl often meant slumber parties for my sister Danielle since her birthday is late Oct. It was a mass of little girls all dressed up in cute costumes going door to door in a horde of candy hungry out stretched hands.

My favorite memories of Halloween are when my sister Renee would make costumes for me and my sister Danielle. Renee would also make costumes for a few of the kids on our block, so we all fit a theme. One year she made all of us bugs. I was a butterfly with coat hanger wings skinned in colorful plastic store bags from the local mall. Another year she made us all costumes from the Peanuts comics.  I was Charlie Brown. And yes, I am a girl but it fit for me to be Charlie Brown and my sister Danielle (was) Lucy. It was just very much how life was for me, always the under dog. And besides by then I was a real tomboy so I did not mind portraying a boy for Halloween.

That was a time in my life when things were simple and life was more innocent, everything was fun and the littlest things made me happy.

I think I have tried to recapture that in my life through the years with costume parties and elaborate Halloween party set ups. But unfortunately nothing recaptures the bliss of childhood.
I do still have fun though with Halloween sometimes. I am ready to try my hand at a large party again. It is just a matter of finding the space.

This year’s Halloween is coming soon and I have no plans. I would love to be able to go to some great party with all abandon but I know I have to work the next day. And even if I did not have to work I yet to have plans. Too bad the Cramps don’t play anymore.


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