The Great Adventure of Life

I am, well maybe possibly, about to be single again. Long Story….

But I am okay with it.

I think I am ready for new adventures in my life, new love, new romance. Mostly new romance.

(But) I am looking forward to the adventures which await me. Last year I/we took a trip to Zion National Park, Monument Valley, and the Grand Canyon; it only sparked my love and need of travel. I even had a trip to Italy planned but had to give it up in order to buy a dependable car. So no Italy at least for a few years. Believe me though, when I say I really want to go to Rome and beyond, I really want to go. I want to see all the places I have studied now for years.

My Studies:

I remember when I was a little girl I use to pretend to read the Time Life history books our family owned. I was far to young to read at that point but the photos of the Greek and Roman Marble Statues fascinated me, and no I don’t mean nude men statues. Just the artistry of Dianna cut in marble, for an example, was beautiful to me. The details to the hair and folds in the robes, the pupil’s to the eyes and the eye lids, just to mention a few things, to me it felt like they were ready to come to life and look back at me.

Some Travels:

I had the chance to see some of those statues in person (well me the person) in the classical statuary rooms in The Museo del Prado in Madrid, Spain. I remember at one point turning a corner and there was a statue of the Emperor Augustus Octavian I had seen in books a hundred times! Even better it sat right near a bust of the Emperor Hadrian, a statue I had also known from my history studies.  Hadrian is one of my favorite historical figures,  so seeing the statue/bust of him was an extra added joy for me.  I could have stayed in the statuary area of the museum for hours but my friend Vicki was waiting for me and I had to leave that area and go find her.

My time in Spain was great, 3 weeks, 8 cities and towns was almost too much. I remember the first day back I laid in bed all day and just stared out the window and watched the fog roll down the hills in Brisbane, as I decompressed, detoxified, and tried to reset my inner time clock. I know now I would have a much harder time recovering from a 3 week trip but I know now I would not drink all the wine I drank in Spain either.

Lost Plans:

As I said I was planing a trip to Italy for next March but bought a car and wiped out any hopes of going next year. The trip I had planned was going to last a month take me to 7 cities and who knows how many small towns along the way. I wanted to see Vesuvius, and Naples, move on to Rome and Tivoli, and then up to west cost to Pisa. My plan from there was to go east and fly out of Venice after seeing as much as I could along the way.

A Different Great Adventure:

Even though my plans for Italy are on hold for now that does not mean adventure does not await me right outside my own front door, come on I live in the San Francisco bay area. People come from all over the world and spend millions of dollars every year to come here. There are so many wonders right in my own city if I just open my mind and my sense of adventure to them. Some of the things I have experienced right here in SF which I know are exclusive include: The smells of Fisherman’s Warf, with it’s salt air, raw fish, and sweat and sourdough baked goods wafting through the air, are like no place else on this planet. (or) Walking through the thick green grass of Golden Gate Park hearing the sound of a Calliope floating through the trees like an invisible carnival from another time drawing you into the past. Then there is the Palace of Fine Arts, that is my favorite place in SF without question. There is something just so peaceful about it and something so magical at the same time. To me it is a theatrical facade to act as the back drop for any passion play you wish to perform. Believe me if a man knew me well enough and ever wanted to propose to me, that would be the place I would choose it to be at. (But I have a feeling that is an adventure I am not going to be asked to take again in my life.)

But I digress.

Adventures for my near future:

Things I have never done here. I could go to Coit Tower with my camera and take photos of the city from there. I have taken so many photos of the tower I should try taking some from there now. I have never gone to Alcatraz Island. When I owned my sail boat I would pass it all the time on my sailing adventures but never stopped to see all the horror and craziness there or so I am told the amazing view of the city. (I owned and lived on a small sailboat from about ’99 to around 05.) I have done things like ride my bike across the golden gate bridge and down into Sausalito or from the Pan Handle through Golden Gate Park to the beach. But I bet there are so many things I have not seen in the park yet. I do know I want to go to see the new Planetarium shows and see the museum again. I have only been once since it reopened and unfortunately I was confined by the group I was with to stick to the schedule of the little girl we were all trying to keep from touching the displays.  But it was a fun day despite all the work.

Looking for Adventures:

I am open to suggestions if anyone has some. I am open to seeing new things in the bay area I have not seen yet. If there is anyone out there who reads my blog, let me know what your favorite thing to do around here is. What is your favorite place to go in SF?


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