Written back in 2009 posted now…

I had forgotten about this in my writing. I had saved it in an email to myself and forgotten it was there. I just stumbled across it I thought it still holds true even though we are a few years now down the line and coming up to the 45th anniversary of the killings.


Today the News Week web site has an article on the Manson Murders at 40. To think 40 years ago these really messed up people did the most unheard of things, all for one psychotic fucker who had a convincing speech.

There are two things which really frighten me about all of this.

The first is how can our world produce such a person? Where did our genetics go so wrong where someone so broken could be born? A lot of people who believe in the whole God/ Devil thing believe he was just evil. Setting that idea aside (temporarily, read on) looking at just the biology and chemistry of it all, we have to agree something really went wrong in the stream of things. Was it evolution? Was it environment? Was he so badly damaged as a child it manifested into this? If so what was the damage?

I believe that if we don’t ask these questions we are prone to repeat the process. And in truth we have. Manson was just one bad hippy who got out of control in LA (and). What about the phyco in Germany back in 1930? Do you think that path was very different for him? Really?

The first line on Wikipedia’s page on Genocide is;  Genocide is the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group. Manson was trying to start a war against white people for the blacks, so he says.


There are lists of people like this in police files. Richard Ramirez, Jack the Ripper, Ted Bundy, here’s a link if you want it.


What kind of world is this where people turn into monsters, killers and molester? Is this just genetics working themselves out? A resistive gene surfacing every few generations? Can it be fixed with Biotechnology? Can we eliminate the killer gene?

I am not asking these questions because I believe the answers are Yes I am asking because they need to be asked.

For the believer out there. If you want. Some where along the way these people had to have an incredible flaw to them in order for the Devil guy to even take notice in them and make them Evil.

I am not asking these questions so one reader will answer me. I am asking so that maybe many readers will go looking for them. I have already started. I have not found much yet on line but I am also in the middle of writing this blog.

The second thing I find so scary about this is, there are people now who revere him. What is up with that? What is wrong with these people who think Manson is so great?

People he is a psychotic freak! There is nothing great about him. This aspect of this topic leaves me incredulous. Is this world now so messed up that people are making Manson into an anti-hero? Ouch!

My wish for this world right now is for the health for us all mental and physical. (But) What if it is an environmental thing that can spark this kind of genetic mistake? Will we be able to pin point what it is and change it or do the powers that be just keep turning a blind eye to the problems of this world?

The powers that be are very blind to the things going on in this world.  Which can be a whole Blog of it’s own I have yet to write.



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