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Time for a Vacation

Posted in Batt Rantts on October 12, 2012 by shebatt

One of my favorite memories (of adulthood) comes from my time in Santa Cruz. I had moved from the LA area to Santa Cruz the day before my 28th birthday in hopes of a major life change. Well I got it. I did not live a long time in SC; the work was scarce and housing difficult to find. I am guessing it is still that way since it is a college town and the students put demands on the area that a non student has a hard time working around.

But I digress.

The memory is kind of cliche’ but it is still a wonderful one to me.
It is of a day spent on a beach. My boyfriend at the time knew all the little coves and privet beaches along the cost just north of SC and had taken me to a secluded stretch which was all our own for the day. We laid out basking in the sun naked, absorbing the heat being blanketed in salt air. Something about the beaches just north of Santa Cruz seam so clean and untouched. You could be anywhere in the world in your own mind. That day was especially warm with very little breeze, it was a perfect day.

I think the main reason I am reminiscing about that day right now is, it is the middle of October, cold, rainy, and gray. If that was not enough, more then anything I need a vacation right now. My mind keeps taking me to a beach someplace, warm and privet where I can lay in the sand, bask naked in the sun and if I am truly lucky have someone bring me iced tea and make love to me as the sun goes down. Okay, now I am really dreaming. But work is incredibly demanding at this time of year for me. October is the beginning of my busy season and it lasts until about the beginning of January. Some years I am so busy through Dec that I can’t even take off an extended weekend to go to Disneyland for my own birthday (which happens to be my favorite thing to do for my birthday).

If I had to chose something else to do at this time other then go to a beach for vacation… it would have to be a swimming pool in the desert. Again someplace hot and someplace I can lay out with little to nothing on, baking the winter chill from last year out of my marrow. I am ready for a long winters nap in a warm non winter environment.


Written in 2003 or 2004

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The sun shines its light on the morning of our reality
Where I want no one but you and you try to find a place for me.

Everyday we add a new song to the sound track of our love.
And everyday I write a new line to this song.

I believe this is my first time through
I have never walked in lives past


But I know I’ve always loved you
It just took me this long to find you.