Coming Home 03

This was written in 03 (as you can see) about going to the Burning Man festival. For those of you who are reading this and don’t know that I use to manage the team that built the Man now you do and will understand the reference to my brother, child, man. Enjoy.


I cry for the loss of love and a companion
I cry for the longing of peace.

To once again be held in her dusty arms
to have the safety of the night embracing me.
The stars smiling down upon me.
A glimmer in the eye of the universe.

Or the lick of warmth on my skin from the father sol
turning me into a golden child.

Together patrem sun and matris earth create life
and in that life me.
The snow flake in the desert glistening,
dancing with gossamer wings,
on a dust cloud.

Here I am healed
here I am cleansed by my own tears.
Letting go of my own past year.
Reborn to face the days to come.

My brother, child, Man dies in a blaze of fire to light my way.
Becoming ash, soil, tears, and blood mixed together
to create magic
to forge hope
to trudge on
to remind us of why we came home.


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