Dear Human Kind:

Please accept this notice as my resignation from the human race. Due to your lack of critical thinking skills which distracts the mind from ability to resolve basic issues, I hereby resign my position until these problems are addressed and solved.

In my observations I have discovered humans are very easily distracted and pacified with electric toys and tools keeping them from realizing what is truly happening in the world around them.

If you need more definition of this, please step outside your own front door and look around. Is there trash in the street, or tagging on the buildings around you? More importantly is there smog in the air and chemicals in your drinking water? If the answer is YES, then my question to you is, WHY? The effects of the environment are an important issue that is over looked. The effect, the environment has on humans may be more damaging then we might want to admit. With cancer, influenza, viruses, antibiotic resistant bacteria and depression more rapid in our world, we might want to wake up.

And yes I said depression. You may not want to admit it but the number of people on antidepressants is staggering. Sure there have always been cases of chemical depression in our world but have you ever noticed just how many there are these days? The list goes on too, not just depression but bipolar disorder, autism, developmental disorder, and countless other health issues.

But I digress: Look out your own front door. Are there more people walking down the street looking at their phones, tablets, and mp3 players then there are people talking to each other?  Really, do you even know your own neighbors?  If you need more definition of this problem, please refer to the last time you talked to (in person) the majority of the people you have as “friends” on facebook and other social networking sites.

Human kind has become so engrossed in their cyber world that most of them have forgotten to be human. Even more so they have forgotten how to think for themselves and this is thanks to the cyber minds numbing effects. The music and media pumped into their lives is regurgitated pop art from a waist bin where better thinking people had disposed of it in the past. The lyrics of most songs are poisons, bane, simple, repetitive and/or self-righteous. Granted not all of it is this way but the mainstream has sold the soul of the poet to Madison Ave and the consequences are oppressive and burdensome to the few of us that still do think for ourselves.

Adding to the thinking man’s frustration we watch as our government lets the corporate world suck the masses dry, turning us to a homeless 3rd world country with cellphones already in tact. They give us engineered food while selling us flat screen TVs as a reward for keeping our mouths wrapped around the germ infected malignancy called fast food.

So Dear Human Race, I have decided to no longer participate in the fraudulence that is the reality of today’s society and will remain a separate species until further notice.

Thank you


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