I have lived lifetimes in a moment
profound and fleeting
glimpses of universes
on a distant event horizon
commanding to me to live on.
In the magic of a new love’s kiss
in the despair of a love departed
wisdom comes to me
lost but not forgotten
in the next adventure.

Memories, a bitter taste on the tongue
making the next beginning
sweet and welcome
finger tips on a forehead
the exchange of knowledge
if I could give my visions to you with a touch.

We cherish the sentiment
cling to the anger, numb the pain
dream of warm summer days
and the purity of new fallen snow
but we feel the radiate warmth or the bitter cold
in our memories.

Learning the same lesson again and again
in order to let it go
we must learn to look into the face of darkness
and walk away
we must feel the bliss of copulation
and awaken the next day.

Life moves on around us
whether we choose to move or not
it propels us forward
do we steer the course
or hide in the dark.

Feel all it has to offer
let it warm you, wound you,
excite you and bring its anguish
let it send you head long racing toward the grave
But never lie in the darkness of the soil knowing you never lived

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