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If I’d Only Known to Stay Away From You

Posted in Batt Rantts with tags , on September 19, 2013 by shebatt
If I’d only known
the moment I shook your hand it
would change my life

You brought a new sense of joy to my world

If I’d only known
the long conversations we had
would lead to a flirtation

You made me feel desired again

If I’d only known
the first time we kissed
would lead me to wanting more

You sparked lost passion in my soul

If I’d only known
a night of passion with you
would warm my heart again

You made me love you against my wishes


Halloween is coming

Posted in Batt Rantts with tags , , on September 6, 2013 by shebatt

Once again the weather has changed and the air hangs heavy and humid. Whenever this time of year comes around I start thinking of all the fun things I would want to do for Halloween if I had a yard.

Years ago my ex-husband and I put on grand elaborate parties which would take about 4-6 months in the planning, around 3 months to build our new animatronics and effects, two weeks in our set up and an entire weekend to have. We would start on Friday evenings; our friends who helped us with set up would come over and we would turn everything on to see if it all worked. We would also crack open the kegs of beer and enjoy the mini party before the real party started. Saturdays were spent putting finishing touches on the decor and our costumes and resting up for that night’s craziness. Over the weekend we would have about 200 people come through. Friends and friends of friends would all come play music, hang out and show off their best costumes.

I missing having Halloween parties.