A Recent Chat With a Friend

I was chatting on line with a friend. I happened to ask when their birthday was. They said the date; it was the same day as the person, I had written “Missing You” about. I then told my friend about the subject/person of the poem. It just felt so poetic I had to copy and put it someplace. I decided to put it here.

A love of mine that I had to let go of

he was one of the people hurt after I left my husband

me, him, my husband, many others…

he and I had been friends for years

and we knew we were madly in love

but when it came time to decide what we wanted

we wanted different things

he wanted a mother for his kids

I wanted to see the world and find a new adventure

he could not ask me to stay and I could not ask him to go

when he died I felt like the universe had broken a promise to us both

it had robbed us of the chance to ever be together again

that was quite awhile ago by the way

but the amount of love we had is something you never forget

most people are lucky if they ever have that

sorry I can’t talk about it any more

it is just something I hold dear and I don’t normally share it

but if it makes any difference I was born in December

I don’t believe it does

are you still there?

great I should erase everything I just said


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