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I try so hard to look professional. My tattoos and piercings hidden from corporate America under a uniform of my own making.

I added color to my wardrobe…. cobalt blue and burgundy to off set the black I wear daily. My hair acceptable, my make up suitable.
Ha! So clean cut.

But deep down inside I am still a freak.

It gives me a secret pleasure to know I have fooled them all.
Silly beige people.

I am one of the damaged, one of the broken, one of the mutants. I have untold amount of wounds left from neglect and heart ache. Lacerations from those who never understood my desire for knowledge and my need to be loved.

Now in my life, I am beginning to understand how wonderful it is to be one of the outcasts. We who make this world less boring, and less sad, we should be thanked.

I dream in color and even sometimes in animation, I can see my own image in mirrors in my dreams (which I am told is very rare) and sometimes I can even fly. My mind is scary, dark, mysterious, surreal, vast, complex, detailed, colorful, beautiful, imaginative, brilliant…..all this when I close my eyes.

I hear songs when there are none. I hear the sound of the sun and the winds around the planet and the buzz of life around me. It creates music in my head that my hands have a hard time sharing with instruments.

What my eyes see, is a world fashioned in 40’s noir splashed with the color of modern life. I take photos in hope to share  how I see. Sadly what I see in 3d is not what you see though my lens and somehow a nice shot looses the magic behind it.

But what makes me a freak most of all?  I still believe in love.   I believe in the birth of love in a first kiss. I believe in the passion of still seeing the youthful and beautiful gem you fell in love with under all the revenges of time.

More importantly, I believe we can all find love and compassion for those who have hurt us, and in doing so finding love for ourselves and the freedom we gain when we forgive. The cathartic gives way to springs rebirth.

Yes I am a freak; lonely but not always alone, tragic but not always sad, stunning but never perfect.


Please people !

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I am tired of living in a world that aspires to mediocrity, and  accepts in-education as the norm.

I accept there will be times when we need to incorporate new words into the English language, but I believe they need to be important words, such as Terabyte. When people start accepting words like Ginormus, Conversate, and Ax (replacing the word ask)  as a real words it leads me to believe we are truly becoming a brain-dead society.

As a Woman

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As a woman, I did not chose to be born into a country where I can speak my mind and be accused of being bitter or a bitch.
As a woman, I did not chose to be born in a country where I can freely work to get paid less then the men in my industry.
As a woman, I did not chose to be born into a country where I can wear what I want just to run the risk of being raped and then be blamed for it.
As a woman, I did not chose to be born into a country where women are still beaten by their husbands and told that it is His rights as a man by His community.
As a woman I did not chose to be born into a country where I can abort a child seeded in me by being raped only to be called a killer.
As a woman, I did not chose to be born into a country of which make toys separate for girls that are pink and promote motherhood or oppression.
As a woman, I did not chose to be born into a country where girls are traffic’ed  into slavery and paid rape.
As a woman, I did not chose to be born into a country where our daughters are harassed by her fellow female students because her clothing is wrong or her family is unable to afford nicer things.
As I woman, I did not chose to be born into this country of privileged injustice.
As a woman born into this country I can try to speak out, teach others, and step up.
As a woman I can whisper a scream against the wrongs done to other woman in this world..
As a woman I can choose to not tolerate all the things which being born into this country afford me.

In Honor of the British Invasion

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50 Years ago today the face of Rock n Roll Changed.
About 10 years ago my sister, my nephew and myself were driving from the San Fransisco area to the Santa Cruz area. My nephew was around 10 or 11 years old at the time and just getting into rap music. Which needless to say my sister and I were a little disappointed in since up to that point he was enjoying the same alternative rock we were into. My Nephew was sitting in the back seat of my sisters car with his headphones on ignoring us.
My sister and I started to discuss music and the progression of rock. We talked about how when we were younger our musical influences were not only our folks who were into Big Band and Classical but also our two older sisters who taste ranged from mellow rock to psychedelic rock and everything in between. We touched on how the two of us were into Punk and the subsequent music of the 1980’s and 1990’s.
In the course of the conversation I happened to mention the British Invasion in the 1960’s. At which point my nephew threw off his head phones and asked with exclaimed horror “The British Invaded America in the 1960’s ? ! What war was that? How come they did not teach us about that in school?”
My sister and I just had to laugh. I told my nephew if he was going to eavesdrop to at least keep up with the topic. We explained to him how the history of music and the face of Rock n Roll had changed in 1964 when the Beatles hit America with a bang. We told him how music and the industry changed from that moment on.
Happy Anniversary Ringo and Paul !