Strange and Vivd dream 4/15/14

Up at 4:16am after having the most vivid, detailed and strange dream.


It started at a church xmas bazaar and trying to talk them into having a xmas cocktail party, I was telling some woman that I could help them organize it.  She said she would think about it. I just know I really wanted to throw a party there.

Just that alone would have been odd enough but then I found myself inside the church with my face buried in red velvet theater chairs pretending to pray next to a married friend of mine who flirts with me once in a while. I remember I could feel the synthetic velvet on my face and I remember thinking I don’t really want to put my face on this seat since it must be filthy dirty after years of people sitting in it. My married friend and I were hiding from all of our friends who were sitting in the rows around us. He was flirting with me trying to make plans to meet up with me later.  I had a strange silver and turquoise ring on and I felt the stone pop out, hit me on the shoulder and fall onto the floor. I gave him the ring without the stone and told him it was meant for him but I was sorry the stone fell out. I started looking for the stone and my friend told me he had to go. I told him he could put whatever stone he wanted in it. Just after he left I found the missing stone on the floor. I remember the look of the carpet in the aisle next to my seat. I remember the sound of people leaving the church as I was looking for the stone.

I left the church and walked out into a large lobby of a concert hall. I ran into one of my ex boyfriends who stopped and started to kiss me. As we stood there arm in arm, the same ex boyfriend passed me with a friend of ours they were both carrying plates of chili fries. I broke away from the one ex who was holding me to go up to the other (same guy) and say hello to him. He stopped and talked to me for a few minutes. The two of them looked the same I knew it was the same person but he looked slightly different at the same time.

From there I went into the concert hall alone and started looking for a seat, some friends band had already started to play and that is who I was there to see. Most of the seats were restaurant booths that did not even face the stage so I started walking through the back of the venue looking for a table top for two since I was alone I did not want to take a bigger booth. There was an row where there was a bench seat along the back side of some of the booths. I sat down on the bench and right away people started to sit down around me and talk to me.

When I looked back up at the stage I realized there was a large simi- transparent fence in front of the band so I could not really see them. With the fence there no one could really see them. I watched as an acquaintance of mine, who I know works with the band once in a while was on stage singing with them. He saw me, smiled and directed his singing at me. That lasted a few moments and then he turned away and started singing to someone on the opposite side of the hall. I got frustrated about not being able to see and left.

Outside I found the car I had come in. It was an old truck of my fathers that I had borrowed years ago while living in the bay area. I got in and started to drive around SF. I called a friend from high school (who I still talk to all the time) and had him on speaker phone so I could drive but I have no idea where the phone was or how I called him since I don’t remember dialing the phone. I told him I needed to drive to city hall and talk to them about permits for the xmas party at the church.

I turned into a driveway and up to the front of a building. The sun was just starting to come up and I could see there were patches of rain falling in small areas around me though it was not raining on me while I was sitting in the driveway. Like with all dreams, city hall did not look like what the real city hall looks like. I realize they were not open yet since it was just dawn. I sat in the truck and talked to my friend on the phone. As the sun got higher in the sky and it started to get lighter I looked around and realized there was 100s of homeless men sleeping on the lawn and in wood shelve like cubicles built out of plywood at the end of the drive way. It scared me to realize I was surrounded by these men and they might wake up and start harassing me. I told my friend on the phone what was going on and that I had to get out of there. Because of the rain the dirt drive way had turned to mud and so I started to drive on the lawn where I had to weave around homeless men sleeping under black plastic and sleeping bags. The drive down was bumpy and kind of crazy trying to avoid hitting anyone.

I got out of the front lawn area of city hall and turned onto the street.  I think I woke up then.


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