My GT6

Years ago I owned a midnight blue 1968 Triumph GT6, (for you that don’t know what that is, it is a type of car, see photo below) with a personal license plate saying Mean GT6.  It was and still is my all time favorite car. Which is saying a lot since in my life time I have owned about 30 cars and trucks of all different types.



I had many adventures in that car both good and bad, but mostly great. I was sad the day I totaled it on Hwy 17 just north east of Santa Cruz CA. Being a thing I have long since let the disappointment of loosing it go but that does not mean I would not want another if I found one for sale.

One of my favorite moments in that car is mixed with bad and happy memories. It was 1992, Los Angeles, California and the city was a mess of riots due to the Rodney King trial.

I was living in Sherman Oaks, which is a nicer neighborhood but I was just on the edge of Van Nuys, so not as nice an area. The riots had brought the national guard to our streets and curfew to our lives. The uniforms were standing at the end of my block with guns at ready.  It felt like the world was coming to an end for me, since at that exact time in my life I was going through the personal hell called divorce. My marriage of 7 years was coming to an ugly end. My husband and I were fighting battles right in our own living room with no escape to outside. No place felt safe at that time.

One afternoon while off of work I decided to drive up to a friends house/cabin located in the little town of Frazier Park, which is up the grapevine hwy and tucked into the mountains about an hour or so from my house. I just had to leave the valley. My dear friend Jon (who was also going though a person hell/separation at the time) was with me and also just needed to get away from the negative feelings which hung like wool over the area. The drive up over the grapevine was beautiful and refreshing. Neither of us said much we both just watched the trees and mountains go by.

As we pulled off the freeway and stopped at the red light at the end of the off ramp, I looked into my review mirror. There behind me was a Triumph TR3 an even more rare car than mine. Next to me was a Triumph Spitfire and behind him another Triumph. The next thing we know we are surrounded by Triumphs. It was a very surreal moment. Here I was in this incredibly rare car surrounded by others just as rare as mine, made by the same company.

The drivers of the other cars were looking at me with a “who the hell are you?” look, while Jon and I looked at them thinking “Where the hell did you all come from?” We were all on the same freeway, why did we not see them there while driving? The light changed and the next thing we know they were all gone as quickly as they came. To this day I don’t know where they went. They did not follow us into town or even follow us off the freeway. I have a feeling they saw us while on a Road Rally and pulled off the freeway when we did thinking we were part of it and maybe having issues with our car or something. When they saw we were not part of their group they went straight though the light and got back on the freeway. Again I did not see where they went, they were just gone. I am guessing as to where they went.

Jon and went to my friends house and hung out for a short while but he was feeling ill at ease and so we left.  We were both a little beside ourselves those days so I understood his wanting to leave.

I will never forget that day. It was a moment of bazaar coincidences in a stressful time.

Another funnier GT6 story yet to come…..




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