Emails to the Dead

Years ago I had a boyfriend who passed away while we were dating. Months before he passed I had very bad premonitions about his future, I even told him that I did but he did not believe me. I spent the night with him before he died the next morning I did not want to leave and told him there was something wrong, something was going to happen. I remember we had been talking about something (but what I don’t remember now) and when I left he said we would talk about it more later. That night he died. It is a conversation in my life that will never be finished.

I remember thinking to myself if you can schedule and email to be sent out at a future date why can’t you send one to the past? At the time my email program at work had the ability to schedule a send time for a latter time. So if I could write an email to be sent in a week from now why can’t I send one that would go back to a year from now?

This all took place in Feb of 2001. Now years later I still think about that. I still think it would be cool to do.

Now go back even farther back. I had a soul mate when I was living in LA. He is the person I write about now and again here on my blog (May birthday and Missing you) who is also now gone. He and I had written emails back and forth before he passed away. I remember the last one he sent I misunderstood and now wish I could go back and rewrite him. It was not a bad misunderstanding it was just something he said and I mistook it. Again I do wish I could go back and rewrite my response.

I wonder if someday someone I love will be reading this old blog entry from Sept of 2014 and wish the same thing about me.

I guess the lesson here is don’t ever let something go on that needs to be taken care of. Don’t think you have forever to say you are sorry or that you love someone.



2 Responses to “Emails to the Dead”

  1. Denise Gallant Says:

    Dear Mrs. Lasky,
    When we were talking about the future, I asked if I would be successful in what I want to do and if I would ever get back with Rob again. You said yes to both. But what you DIDN’T tell me was that someday we would be part of the same family. I have two nephews who are your sister’s great grandchildren. I think that is how it goes. Who would have ever guessed. Did you know?

  2. Good one !

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