My dream 3/19/15

I had the most amazing dream last night. This last week I have been having very vivid dreams and last night’s was no exception. The difference was last nights dream was so magical I don’t think I will ever forget it.

I was at the Regency center in SF attending a ball I go to every year. Of course like all dreams the place did not really look like how it does in real life. As a matter of fact, I had dreamed about it a few months ago and in last nights dream it looked more like that. I was in a room outside of the main ball room helping people set up. Before I realized it the ball had started and people started preforming. There was a woman in this side room playing a grand piano and singing. There were others playing with her but I can’t quite place the instruments they were playing, I think one was a flute and the other was a small harp or something like that. She was playing something that was across between You make me feel so Young and Dancing Cheek to Cheek. When I woke up I could not pin point which song either. I got up and started dancing. I was alone on the dance floor but I did not care. There were a bunch of girls around me sitting on some steps watching me and commenting on how I looked as if I was having so much fun just dancing. I remember running up to the girls on the steps and doing a flip right over their heads and landing on one of the steps sitting perfectly, I was trying to get them to dance too.

The feeling of dancing was euphoric. I remember the lights were really low in the room almost blacked out completely with just small spots of white incandescent lighting causing an almost yellow hue to the beams thrown to the floor. I kept dancing alone and it was the most wonderful feeling. A friend of mine came up and started to dance with me. I just let go and let him lead and before I knew it he had me flip over his back in one swift move that felt like flying.

The woman at the piano stopped playing and said the main band was starting to play. Since the friend I was dancing with was part of the band I went to go see him and the rest of them play but he was not on stage playing with the rest of them. In my head I remembered he was not playing this year but just there as a participant. I turned around and started heading back to the room where he and I were dancing. The people all around me were dancing. It was dark and strange and everyone was in costumes not to far from what people wear at the real ball every year.  The band was playing an almost waltz version of the song The Shadow of Your Smile.

Along the way back to the room a man started dancing with me and I over heard a woman saying “Oh he is very wealthy and single and now he has fond someone to dance with” meaning me. I broke away from him in hopes to go find my friend again. I walked into the room where he was before and found him off to the side looking in an old foggy mirror putting on silver lipstick. I remember he was wearing an outfit which looked a lot like a dress my sister has that was my mother’s. The pants were black and white stripe satin with a flair at the bottom that was almost a ruffle the top was a velvet jacket, with a white satin tux shirt underneath.  Turning around he saw me watching him. He took me into his arms and started dancing with me again and then he leaned in and kissed me getting silver lipstick on my lips. I buried my head into his chest and then realized I got silver lipstick on his shirt so while dancing I tried to wipe it off. We danced and danced until the dream started to fade and I woke up with the happiest feeling.

Something about dancing in my dreams always leaves me with the feeling I was flying and leaves me so happy when I wake up.


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