Spring’s coming adventue

I just stepped outside of my work, out on the loading dock. The air is heavy and warm, somewhere the world knows it is spring. La Vie En Rose has been playing on my computer for the last hour or so while doing my work. Melody Gardot, Edith Piaf, Lewis Armstrong,  Dean Martin, all do versions worth listing to. Not sure which is my favorite but I do know they all pretty much inspire the same melancholy happiness. Most people don’t think those two words work together but for me they do. Having that in my mind while enjoying the spring air…

I know spring is here I can feel it in the air, see it with the bright yellow sour grass clover blooming all over the roadside, I can hear it in the abundance of birds singing inadvisable but unmistakably there.  It always makes me happy when spring comes. Winter is coming to an end and soon a new adventure will start for me.

Last year in spring I went to Italy for my first time. It was an adventure of a lifetime and I can’t wait to go back. That will not be for a few years though since there are so many other places I want to see which I have not seen yet. But the desire to move to Italy still holds strong in my heart.

This year the plans are set in motion to go to Scotland. We are going to the Edinburgh Beltane fire festival. From there we are heading to a small town off of the Kyles of Bute in Argyll, where my friend Stella (my main traveling companion)  has an acquaintance who will be giving us an art class. After this we head into the highlands for a few days. Even though it is late in the season and the chances are very slim, I am hoping to see the northern lights while there. From the highlands we are heading down the east cost and have plans to stay in a castle hotel that looks amazing. We then return to Edinburgh to finish the tours we miss seeing at the beginning of the trip.

There will be three of us this time on this trip. I refer to us as the blonde, the brunette and the redhead and we plan on dazzling Scotland. I had never thought I would visit Scotland until a few years ago. I started planning a trip for my Ex-boyfriend and myself, but gave that up when I realized he would never amount to anything in my life other then a brick around my neck and I dumped his ass. I have not bothered to get involved since him, since I know I just don’t need any baggage any longer and that is what most men look like to me these days. I know pathetic.

But I digress. I had started planning that trip which was going to start in Scotland and end in Italy. In the process I educated myself on Scotland. Now, knowing I am going I can hardly remember the things I learned three/four years ago. Well not completely, there are a few things I remember and those have been added into this trip’s plans.

I am looking forward to the thousands of photos I get to take, the smell of the Scottish flowers in the spring sunshine, and the smell of the North Sea in the morning while sipping hot tea.  I can imagine the color of the green grass mixed with the purple heather, littered with the rocks and boulders that have been left there by a geological tumultuous past. I always loved to travel and see new things but now it is more then just a love it is what feeds my soul and replenishes my belief in life.

More to come….






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