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Living Your Life

Posted in Just thinking with tags , , on April 25, 2016 by shebatt

In three days I leave for my trip to Scotland. Needless to say I am as excited as I am stressed. Of course my car is acting up right before I leave, I don’t have everything packed and work is crazy right now.

Why am I taking the time to write a blog… well I want to be clear about a few things.

First off, let me say I know I am lucky to have the chance to travel but it is not just luck. I have worked long hours and given up a lot of things to make this happen. I do not have cable for my TV and I don’t have internet at home. What do I do for down time you ask, I read.

It is hard to go through life without the media most people have in their lives but at the same time it is very liberating. I have also not gone out and spent money on things like new clothing, shoes, meals out, and so on. It takes discipline in this economic state. Also remember you don’t own your things they own you. With that in mind I never buy things I want, I only buy things I need.

(But) The thing I want to say most in this post, is you don’t need to go across the world to find adventures. You just have to go outside your own front door. Turn off your television and go outside. If you don’t have a camera but a camera phone then try taking some photos. If you don’t even have that that is okay. You don’t need a camera to make memories, just your own mind.

Walk around your own city, learn the history of it, eat at the local food stands. Pretend like you are visiting your own city like you never have seen it before. If you have to, pretend you are doing an episode of your own travel show and explore. Your home town’s history might not be as exciting as San Francisco’s gold rush or as ancient as Athens but it might surprise you.






We are a moment

Posted in Batt Rantts, Just thinking with tags , , on March 28, 2016 by shebatt

Centuries ago primitive man carved stones, struck coins, fashioned pots, forged swords, and created civilization.

It is my belief those of us who collect antiquity do not hold ownership of such things. These things have lived for centuries before us and will possibly live for centuries after we are gone. We come and go, live and die, and passed through our lives as just moments in comparison to these ancient tems. These objects from antiquity really honestly own us. We are just their servants, their caregivers, their pets watching over them as they exist through time. Just like the land we are but a brief moments compared to somewhat eternal life.

Please people !

Posted in Batt Rantts with tags , , on February 26, 2014 by shebatt

I am tired of living in a world that aspires to mediocrity, and  accepts in-education as the norm.

I accept there will be times when we need to incorporate new words into the English language, but I believe they need to be important words, such as Terabyte. When people start accepting words like Ginormus, Conversate, and Ax (replacing the word ask)  as a real words it leads me to believe we are truly becoming a brain-dead society.

Mindless Ranting…

Posted in Batt Rantts with tags , , on August 25, 2009 by shebatt

I know there is a name for a fetish where people are attracted to others who are amputees. Okay that is a little much for me but I would not call myself Vanilla.

But where I am going with this is a little off from that type of fetish. I know a woman who has always had a soft spot in her heart for men who are, say disadvantaged. The Hunch Back of Notre-Dame and the Elephant Man were not a turn on for her sexily but emotionally.

And where am I going with that (?) is slightly off from that idea too. I am talking about women who are into men who are mentally incapable of complex thought. And I know they are out there.

If you don’t believe me, look at Laura Bush. Do you really think she believe George W. is intelligent? I think she married him because he is a half wit.

I think she took one look at him and fell head over heels knowing he was someone she could out smart. And maybe she is not so high on the Mensa invite list either (I looked up her IQ on line and no one will post it) but she can always know she is brighter then her blundering husband. It is a better world now that he is no longer in office. I just hope the rest of the world realizes not everyone in the US is as idiotic as he is.

I think the scariest part of their relationship is they procreated. People that imbecilic should be not aloud to breed. Sure now I am stepping on people’s personal rights. But come on do we really want more feeble-minded people taking up our diminishing natural resources?

A while ago I wrote a blog on my Tribe site (I am no longer on Tribe) which talked about how Paris Hilton as one of these sucks on society. I truly believe her parents should have to pay restitution to the world for inflicting their half minded boorish seed on us and into our media.  Shame on them.  I guess it is similar to those who are not quite as attractive “Only a face a mother can love” well in these cases they are “minds only a father can  support”.

Unfortunately not all stupid people have money and their offspring become even bigger drains on our resources. I truly believe there should be a law about having kids you can’t afford to support. And if you are too stupid to not know any better then you should be fixed. Believe me until they can fix dumb, the smart people of this world should a least try to regulate it.

I know some of you out there may think I am a complete bitch and I am okay with that. Sometimes I am.

The State of Education and the Education of the State

Posted in Batt Rantts with tags , on July 28, 2009 by shebatt

Gosh I don’t even know where to begin with this one.

We all know the governor is cutting back funds and as a result there are many schools closing down. There are already over sized classrooms and teachers who have way to many students to deal with. Now they are adding more students from the closing schools. These kids have to go somewhere for their education. Then to add salt to the wounds of it all a few mouths ago Arnie was on the news saying he is making it harder for people to home school their own children.

There was a time, not long ago, when only the rich could afford to send their kids to school. The rest of the population learned from their mothers and fathers just enough to get by. That is if their mothers and fathers knew how to read and write in the first place. Education was a luxury. And then one day someone really smart said they think we should educate all the people.

*See below for links on the history of public education.

What advantage would letting our educational system fall apart?

Very little now a days.

I believe (again this blog in only about my opinion and rants) that if we do not educate our masses we a dooming our country to blind stupidity and poverty.

Years ago, the most education an average person needed was enough to buy and sell their goods. They needed to know how to count money and make their mark on a piece of paper. The knowledge of how to sell crops, livestock or crafts came with the knowledge of how to produce them.  This was learned from their folks or the owners of the land they worked on.But none the less it was an education.

Now with technology taking so many of the jobs in this world we are forced to learn that technology. The ability to maintain, improve and develop it, is the majority of the jobs out there and those are slowly going away.

But this blog was not meant to be about the woos of technology vs man in the work place. It was meant to be about education itself.

If you keep your population educated it can keep them productive.

For an Example: Better designers make better products at a better price. Better products at better prices make for a more active economy. Better designers come from better education.

It is all a big circle. If you take away the education of the people you take away their ability to become better workers.  You loose a big part of the circle.

Besides the benefits of giving people an education to help the state of the world’s economy there is also the welfare of their own minds. Giving a person an education will give them the where with all to better their own everyday life. Their family, neighborhood, and city also benefit from a better educated population. Knowledge of sanitation, pollution, and population control are just the beginning of prosperity.

If you look up the word education on Thesaurus (dot) com, civilization is one of the words synonymous to it. I don’t think that is a mistake.

If we are going to revert back to a population of ignorant apes then we might want to start practicing climbing trees, that is if there is someone who is willing to teach us.