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Today I am reminded to be grateful for all the wonderful things I have.

I am grateful I am not living in a war torn area where I don’t know if my family is still alive or not. I don’t have to worry about the water I drink killing me, and I have food on my table enough to share. I have more than one pair of pants and shirt to put on my body and even a warm coat and warm shoes to keep my feet dry.

I don’t have a great home with a big yard for a dog but I have a safe place to sleep at night and a roof over my head that does not leak. It has heat and running water and a working toilet.

I don’t have a career that pays me over 100K a year but I do have a good job that allows me to save enough to travel once a year. I do have to give up things like cable tv and internet at home but why waist money to waist time? Oh and I really like my job and my boss and I get along really well.

I don’t have the love of my life which is a empty space I am aware of more than I should be. But I have people who care about me, family who loves me for being me, and friends who I hope I have made a difference in their lives by being here.

I have both my eyes even through they are getting old and my glasses are a hassle. But I can still take photos and can paint now and again. I have both my ears to hear all the wonderful music out there to inspire my soul.

But the thing I am even more grateful for is my heart, mind and compassion to see all of this.


Today’s Plea to the World

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Okay this is new. I am going to start writing things down that I think of far too often, and I am going to start calling them Plea(s) to the world. Starting with this…

What is Important:

Please do not complement me on my beauty. If you think I am pretty, Great. What I look like though is an accident of birth (well conception really). Sure I try to take care of myself by doing things like fighting my slow thyroid, which has made me a lot softer and rounder then I would want to be. I also try to take care of my hair and skin and etc.

In truth what I look like does not matter. If you are going to judge me, because that is what you are doing by telling me I am pretty, then judge me on my accomplishments in life. Judge me on the things I do. If you need examples then you need to look deeper than just my outer beauty.  I am a person who tries to live by example and if you are only seeing what I look like you are not seeing the real me.




Living Your Life

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In three days I leave for my trip to Scotland. Needless to say I am as excited as I am stressed. Of course my car is acting up right before I leave, I don’t have everything packed and work is crazy right now.

Why am I taking the time to write a blog… well I want to be clear about a few things.

First off, let me say I know I am lucky to have the chance to travel but it is not just luck. I have worked long hours and given up a lot of things to make this happen. I do not have cable for my TV and I don’t have internet at home. What do I do for down time you ask, I read.

It is hard to go through life without the media most people have in their lives but at the same time it is very liberating. I have also not gone out and spent money on things like new clothing, shoes, meals out, and so on. It takes discipline in this economic state. Also remember you don’t own your things they own you. With that in mind I never buy things I want, I only buy things I need.

(But) The thing I want to say most in this post, is you don’t need to go across the world to find adventures. You just have to go outside your own front door. Turn off your television and go outside. If you don’t have a camera but a camera phone then try taking some photos. If you don’t even have that that is okay. You don’t need a camera to make memories, just your own mind.

Walk around your own city, learn the history of it, eat at the local food stands. Pretend like you are visiting your own city like you never have seen it before. If you have to, pretend you are doing an episode of your own travel show and explore. Your home town’s history might not be as exciting as San Francisco’s gold rush or as ancient as Athens but it might surprise you.





We are a moment

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Centuries ago primitive man carved stones, struck coins, fashioned pots, forged swords, and created civilization.

It is my belief those of us who collect antiquity do not hold ownership of such things. These things have lived for centuries before us and will possibly live for centuries after we are gone. We come and go, live and die, and passed through our lives as just moments in comparison to these ancient tems. These objects from antiquity really honestly own us. We are just their servants, their caregivers, their pets watching over them as they exist through time. Just like the land we are but a brief moments compared to somewhat eternal life.


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This was written in 2015 at some point but I never finished it. Someday maybe…=

As children we have the ability to dream give us a cardboard box or just a little cubbyhole somewhere in the couch cushions and we lay back and imagine palaces, grand homes or magical places that don’t exist in the real world.

As we grow older our time to dream goes away, our ability to lose ourselves in our imaginations disappears. We start in those happier places as children but when can we point to where we grow old? When do we forget that we dreamed?

I am 50 years old now and I try so hard to think back to those magical time when I was able to let my mind go to places that never existed. I still try to find that place in my heart where only magic exists.



I am NOT perfect but I do try really hard and try to live by example.

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I wrote and posted this on face book because I am so tired of seeing people blaming the government for everything. People we need to start taking responsibility for our world.
I am NOT perfect but I do try really hard and try to live by example.

I am beginning to believe the more we blame the republicans, the democrats, the right, the left, the conservative, or the liberal, the more we are not really focusing on the truth of what is going on. If you really want to stop the corporate world from buying and paying for our government and ruling our pathetic lives then stop feeding into them.

Don’t watch TV or their ads selling you things you don’t need. Stop buying their shit you really don’t need. Start supporting local farmers and Non -gmo products. Start shopping at your local shops and not at the BIG BOX stores or even the chain stores.

I do not have cable in my home or internet. I am not buying a new bike because my old one does not fit me right, I am rebuilding the one I have. I go to the farmers market in Brisbane and buy as much as I can there so I don’t support the big name stores. I DON’T drink soda, I don’t eat fast food.

If I were to believe in a god

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If I were to believe in a god. Then that god he or she would promote the whole Love one another concept, be nice to each other and be forgiving.


Does that mean only love my neighbor of the opposite gender? Because if I love my female friend and neighbors then that must mean I am a lesbian?


Or if I was a man then loving my fellow man would mean I am gay.


Oh Please!

If I were to believe in a god then that god would be all about love and caring for one another. Do people really think so little minded that they believe their god bothers to check the plumbing in a persons pants over the truth in their hearts? Love is love. Who cares if it is between two men or two woman? I don’t. Maybe that is gods way of lessening reproduction and impact people have on the earth? Or maybe it is god’s way of just giving people the ability to love even if they are not attracted to the opposite gender. Maybe, but who cares?

It is not our place to question why one god or another put people of this type or that type on the earth. If there truly is a god and that god created the heavens and earth, the microcosm and the cosmos then they are far more complex then our stupid human brains can comprehend. Who are we to pretend we know what the intentions of this amazing vast creature who can create universes, and who are we to interpret what they really mean? Really who were those 40 guys who wrote the bible or any the writers of the other great religious books written by mere mortals?

Here is an idea. What if the gods are really just life from another planet? What if those crazy people on TV are right and aliens did come to earth centuries ago? I bet if you showed a person from the stone ages a cigarette lighter they would think it was a creation from the gods, the gift of fire.

But who am I to say? Who are you?

Besides the point of all of this is not to debate who or what god is but to bring into light the idea that god or the concept of a god really is just love to some many who believe in him/it. Love is not hating one person because they happen to love someone of the same gender. Love is not judging them because they are different. Be the better person be nice to these people, be kind. And most of all be forgiving. Forgiving of yourself and your church leaders for teaching you to be small minded and bigoted. Someday you may need the forgiveness of others. Start by giving it to yourself.

Again, if I were to believe in a god. Then that god he or she would promote the whole Love one another concept, be nice to each other and be forgiving.